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How To Use Your Smartphone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Most modern smartphones can be turned into portable Wi-Fi hotspot and other devices, such as a laptop computer, can connect to your phone’s network, via USB tethering or Bluetooth tethering and you can share your device’s Internet connection with them. Follow this guide to get tethering set up on your phone.

How To Securely Erase Your Smartphone

If you are planning to sell your smartphone, one of the important things you need to consider taking care of is to erase your data before handing it away. But in some cases, simply deleting your data (for example, doing a factory reset), is not enough and your data might be able to get recovered. So how do you fully erase your data and keep your content safe? In this post I will be discussing how you can securely wipe your smartphone and be sure that it won’t be recovered!

How To Unhide The Files and Folders Hidden by a Virus

Do you have a USB flash drive that has some data on it, but when you plug it in your computer it doesn’t show anything?! Or maybe instead of showing your files and folders, it probably shows one or more shortcuts! Well then your USB flash drive has a virus and if you click on those shortcuts it will infect your PC or Laptop and any other computer or USB flash drive connected to it as well! In this post I will be discussing how to get rid of the virus and how to unhide the hidden files and folders.

Google Releases Android Studio 1.0 for Developers

Google has released Android Studio 1.0 which is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android application development. Android Studio provides everything you need to create amazing applications. It makes Android development even easier by giving all the tools you need.

Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA. On top of the capabilities you expect from IntelliJ, Android Studio offers:

  • Flexible Gradle-based build system
  • Build variants and multiple apk file generation
  • Code templates to help you build common app features
  • Rich layout editor with support for drag and drop theme editing
  • Lint tools to catch performance, usability, version compatibility, and other problems
  • ProGuard and app-signing capabilities
  • Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, making it easy to integrate Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine
  • And much more

Google Nexus 6 Review and Durability Drop Test!

Google Nexus 6 has been released for a while now, and there are a lot of reviews out there for it, but the 2 reviews that stand out from the rest are the ones I’m about to share with you! So if your planning to buy a Google Nexus 6, then I highly recommend  these 2 videos for you to watch, one from MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) and the other one from TechRax.

How To View Contents of ZIP and RAR files Before Downloading Them

There are times that we have a compressed file (ZIP or RAR) that we want to download, but for some reasons we first want to know the contents of it! Reasons like; The compressed file is huge sized containing a lot of files and our internet bandwidth is limited and we only need one of the files in it! Or maybe we just want to be sure that the contents of the compressed file is just the ones we need. This is where the two methods I’m going to introduce to you below will come useful.

Top 10 Free Android Apps

Hi, everyone! There is definitely a lot of cool and amazing apps out there for Android OS Phones, but which ones really stand out and come handy with the best performance? Well the answer for this question I think depends on many things like the specs of you phone, your taste! and etc…

Anyways, In this post (the first post of the site) I will be listing my choice of the Top 10 Free Android Apps.