How to run Android Apps on ANY Operating System

How to Run Android Apps on ANY Operating System

This tutorial is about how to run Android Apps on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS …)

I had posted a short article before about how to do this with ARC Welder but in this post I tried making a video of it so you can see it in action.

How to Run Android Apps on ANY Operating System

So go check out the video or just keep on reading!

How to Run Android Apps on ANY Operating System

First we head on to this website and basically we have to download a Chrome app called “ARC Welder
ARC stands for “App Runtime for Chrome” and works inside the Chrome browser regardless of the operating system that you are running.

That means Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS users should all be able to test Android apps on their desktops and laptops.

So just click Add to Chrome and wait until it installs the app on our chrome browser.

Note that Your Chrome Browser has to be version 41 or higher.

If you do not have any ARC Apps, installing ARC Welder will automatically download and install ARC, which is a large one time download.

I also have to mention that ARC is not supported on 32-bit x86 platforms and those platforms do not receive updates since October 13th, 2015. But all ARM platforms work and receive updates.

After the download finishes and the App is installed we just have to open the app, attach our APK, and select the
options we want and hit the test button to launch the app.

When we open the app for the first time it’s going to ask us to choose a directory where the app can write to our filesystem.

In the video I made a new folder in my Desktop and chose that for now! but it’s probably better for you to choose another directory!

After that we need the APK file of our android app.
You can use this website named to get your desired Apps APK file.

For this tutorial I downloaded The Twitters APK file.

and that is it guys.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Go check out the video if you haven’t already and make sure to be subscribed to my YouTube Channel to get notified when a new video gets out!



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